I thought about doing this, but decided I liked to remain alive. A new video shows a snowmobiler quite literally riding a mountain's edge somewhere over Hoback, Wyoming.

Kyle Haley dropped this on YouTube a few days ago. Here's how he described his gravity-defying effort:

Working down the knifes edge in Hoback Wyoming. Pretty radical drop offs on each side. Not for those scared of heights

That's easy for Kyle to say because unlike me he's actually brave and stuff. Check out the super hi-res video that he shared. Crazy drops to his left and his right.

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I did some digging to try and locate Knife's Edge specifically, but have not successfully located it. Travel Wyoming has some helpful info on snowmobiling Wyoming backcountry, but no specific mention of this path. It's probably common knowledge amongst the cool snowmobiling kids that I am not privy to.

All I can say for sure if you better not have a bad day on the snowmobile if you're gonna attempt what Kyle did. One little variation too much to the left or right and you're pulling a Wile E. Coyote into the canyon. Fortunately for Kyle, all's well that ends well.

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