A head captain of the University of Wyoming’s Wyoming Spirit Team has been hospitalized after a motorcycle accident.

Jarrett Hatch was traveling to a family event on his motorcycle when he collided with another vehicle in Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday, Aug. 15. Wyoming Spirit Team Coach Matthew Ortega said Hatch was riding through Yellowstone on his motorcycle when a vehicle in the oncoming lane swerved in front of Hatch and collided with him. Ortega said Hatch was wearing a helmet.

Hatch sustained serious injuries to his back - including a broken vertebrae- and underwent surgery yesterday morning at a hospital in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Ortega and a fellow teammate are with Hatch and his friends and family. Ortega said Hatch is recovering well and was able to sit up and is also walking.

"The doctors today wanted him to take two steps and he was able to make it all the way down the hall, so instead of taking two steps he walked 150 feet," Ortega said. "The doctors are amazed at how strong he is and how quickly he is recuperating."

Ortega said Hatch will stay in the hospital for five to seven more days.


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