The Wyoming Senior Olympics are coming up toward the end of this summer, and organizers are hoping for a large turnout of both athletes and spectators.

Anyone over the age of 50 can sign up and compete within their age bracket.

Roger Wilson of Wyoming Senior Olympics breaks down the details...

The Wyoming Senior Olympics will be hosted this summer by Sheridan, August 3rd thru 6th.

Information about the Senior Olympics can be obtained on line at , by Googling “Wyoming Senior Olympics” or by picking up an Information and Registration Booklet at the Laramie Recreation Center.

23 sports and 121 events are offered, so there is something for everyone, from walking to the triathlon, from pickleball to the 200 meter freestyle swim.

Seniors are defined as being  50 years of age and older.  Competition is in 5 year age divisions, so seniors only compete within their age division.  Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each age division for each event.

Pick a sport that you have always enjoyed or one that you are participating in now, register for the Olympics by July 20th on line or with a hard copy and join us in Sheridan for friendly competition, fun and meet great people!

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