When it comes to weather (or just about anything), Wyoming just kind of does what it wants. For example, our state said "welcome to June" with thunderstorms and heavy snow some that happened at the same time.

Check out this short video from Lander. You can hear the loud cracks of thunder while the clouds unleashed heavy snow.

Someone in Wamsutter shared this special moment from a couple days ago. No snow in this one. Just some wind-driven rain.

This person expects snow in June in Alaska, but not Wyoming? How long have you been here?

A truck driver also seemed a little exasperated by all the June snow here. She thought they might be snowed in by morning? She was correct as there were several highways and interstates closed down by the June storm.

If you don't like the weather in Wyoming, wait 10 minutes. Sooner or later, you'll get weather you like. Maybe.

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