Anyone that lives in Wyoming and gets to experience the scenery that we do everyday already knows just how scenic the Cowboy State can be. But it's definitely nice when we can get some public recognition for it. And when that public recognition happens to live on social media, plenty of others are certain to take notice and realize that Wyoming is that naturally beautiful.

Recently, a TikTok user ranked all 50 states based on their 'natural beauty'. While Wyoming gets some notoriety for this every now and then, we often tend to get pushed aside by some states that might be a little more popular when it comes to travel destinations, such as a California or Florida. That was not to be this time.

Especially with everyone making travel plans for the summer, this is certainly something to take note of. Wyoming ranked number 2 overall on this list for 'natural beauty'. The only state that beat us was our neighbors to the south. But not only did we finish at #2 out of all the 50 states, there's a pretty sweet TikTok video that shows you exactly why we received such a ranking.

@bongo_baller chose us for that ranking and chose some pretty amazing places to showcase. Not only that, but the particular TikTok video had over 21,000 likes. And we get a song out of 'Lion King' for the background music! We'll definitely take that. You can also check out the hilarious comment section where half the people on there think that 'Wyoming still doesn't exist'. It's likely due to jealousy.

So how about Wyoming? We're pretty naturally beautiful here! We'll take it!

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