JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — A Wyoming outfitter who was found not guilty of animal cruelty earlier this year has filed a civil complaint against his accusers in that case.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports the complaint by Forest Stearns in Teton County District Court seeks damages for defamation, interference with a business contract and civil conspiracy.

His attorney, Dick Mulligan, estimates Stearns will seek at least $1 million in damages.

In the complaint, Mulligan says the defendants ruined Stearns' reputation and caused Stearns to lose his outfitting business.

Stearns was cited for cruelty to animals by the Teton County Sheriff's Office in August 2017 after a video taken by a neighbor was put online, showing Stearns with a horse tied to a fence post and lying on its side to be shod.