Forbes magazine has put out its annual list of the best and worst states to make a living.  With the economy taking a hit in many states including Wyoming, we still fair better than most.

Wyoming has seen a boost in tourism over the past few years with warmer than normal weather and lower gas prices.  But on the flip side, the governments attack on coal and oil going trough a bust cycle, some would say things are not all that great.

The annual rankings using info from 2015 compared things like Wages, Taxes, Cost of Living, Unemployment and Workplace Safety.

Forbes' listed the top states to make a living in are:

1 - Texas

2 - Washington

3 - Wyoming

4 - Virginia

5 - Illinois

Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Delaware and Utah round out the top 10.

On the flip side, the worst states to make a living in are:

1 - Hawaii

2 - Oregon

3 - Maine

4 - West Virginia

5 - Vermont

California, Montana, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Connecticut round out the 10 worst states to make a living.







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