We're not known for traffic jams here in Wyoming. Or, at least, not with cars. Honestly, if it's not Cheyenne Frontier Days, State Fair, or the busy season in Yellowstone, we don't typically have cars backed up on Cowboy State roads.

No, our traffic jam sources are a bit more interesting. They usually come with hoofs and paws. And no amount of waving, honking, or sirens phase the critters causing the hold-up. Take, for example, these moose who decided to take a stroll up Jackson way. They certainly didn't care that cars were waiting for him to cross the street.

One of these fellas looks pretty young; I'd guess a year old based on its size. Maybe he doesn't understand traffic laws yet? Anyways, he and his friend stroll around despite the car. No cares were given on this day by the moose.

There's a stand-off going on for a while as the cars wait for the moose, hoping they will move along. But, no, these guys are determined to enjoy their stroll. So instead of crossing the street quickly, they continue their walk, meandering across the street without a care in the world. The music adds a whimsical flair to the adventure - the moose look like they are in a movie scene about a Winter Wonderland.

It looks like the little one got a bit distracted. His friend has crossed the street when suddenly the little one picks up speed and rushes to catch up. Maybe he didn't want to get left behind? The two continued their walk, enjoying a stroll through the snowy terrain, and traffic was able to resume. Check out the Good Morning America video for yourself below:

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