On January 21, 300 men, women, and children silently marched down Capital Ave in Cheyenne. The reason for this march was in response to Roe vs. Wade, a decision that allowed for abortions to be legal across the country.

This event is part of Wyoming's Right to Life movement, which states that its mission is to:

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The mission of Right to Life of Wyoming is to educate the people of Wyoming concerning the reality and tragic consequences of abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia, including physician-assisted suicide.  Our vision is to promote a culture of life from conception to natural death.  We provide information for students, community and social groups, and church congregations. 

Our efforts are aimed at changing the law which permits abortion on demand and achieving a constitutional amendment to forbid abortion except to prevent death of the mother.  This organization does not support, plan or participate in activities which are destructive or deliberately confrontational in nature.

There were also several members of the Wyoming legislature present for this event, including Senator Lynn Hutchings and Senator Brian Boner. They both spoke in front of the Senate building during this event. Also present was Deacon Mike Leman, the Legislative Liaison for the Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne.

Photos from this event can be seen below.

Wyoming March for Life 2022

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