With the uncertainty of COVID-19 still present, Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) has announced that it will be holding in-person classes for the fall semester 2020.

Dr. Glenn Arbery, the president of the college, announced today,

"We’re always grateful to call Wyoming home, but the state’s response to this pandemic makes us even more grateful...Regular conversations with our state, county, and local medical officials have been extremely helpful in our attempts to plan for the various situations that might arise in the coming months. We are committed to returning our students and professors to the classroom for in-person classes, because the last few months have taught us how blessed we are to be part of a vibrant, immersive educational community.”

Kyle Washut, the acting Academic Dean, has noted that things will be different in the fall semester, especially regarding hygiene and social distancing practices. There would also be updated residence and dining protocols. The college has also created a plan for what the college would do if a second wave of the virus were to occur.

“We’ve come up with a tiered approach to the COVID challenge,” said Dean Washut, “with options ranging from ‘business-as-usual’ all the way through to ‘doom-and-gloom.'”

“We realize that the ability to keep our students safe and healthy is greatly enhanced by our location,” Dr. Arbery stated, “And we know that many of our peers do not have the benefit of the wide-open spaces we call home.”

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