A woman in Wheatland whose sport utility vehicle was carjacked endured a terrifying experience, according to federal court documents.

The three men who allegedly committed this crime then drove to Cheyenne to rob a pharmacy at gunpoint.

Late last week, a Wyoming federal grand jury handed up the indictment about Antoine A. Mitchell, Moses D. Dickens III, and Christopher Dominguez.

They are charged with eight counts: one count of conspiracy to commit carjacking; one count of carjacking and aiding and abetting; two counts of using, carrying and discharging, a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence and aiding and abetting; one count of attempted robbery involving controlled substances and aiding and abetting; one count of robbery; and two counts of using, carrying and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.

If convicted on the firearms counts, they face 85 years to life imprisonment.

Mitchell, Dickens, Dominguez, and another defendant -- Justin Harris -- also were indicted in federal court in New Mexico for crimes similar to what they did in Wheatland and Cheyenne. There, they carjacked a vehicle in Colorado and drove to Raton, N.M., where they robbed a pharmacy at gunpoint on Dec. 3. They were caught and charged with robbery, possession with intent to distribute oxycodone, and firearms crimes.

They are scheduled to go on trial there later this year.

The Wyoming case started with a crime that could have lead to the death of a woman.

On Oct. 6, Mitchell, Dickens and Dominguez traveled in a white vehicle and approached a parked SUV on West Mariposa Parkway.

Mitchell got out, wore a black ski mask, brandished a handgun, forced his way into the SUV and forced the female driver to move to the back seat.

He began driving. The vehicle with Dickens and Dominguez pulled alongside Mitchell and while they were driving they talked about where they would go next.

Mitchell drove the woman's SUV west to the mountains and threw her cell phone out the window before arriving at a remote location about 17 miles west of Wheatland.

He ordered her out of the car and made her remove her coat, clothes down to her underwear, shoes, socks and glasses.

Mitchell then ordered her to start running up a hill, cocked the action of his gun and fired a round as she was running away from him.

He then put the woman's clothing and other items in her SUV and drove away while she was still running.

He, Dickens and Dominguez then drove to the Medicap pharmacy in Cheyenne where they committed the robbery.

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