Ever since the final episode of Longmire aired on Netflix a few years ago, we've been asking if we'll ever get a movie of the show. I've done some more detective work to try to learn how likely we'll ever see a Longmire movie actually become reality.

You might remember that we interviewed Longmire author Craig Johnson last fall about his latest book (at the time) "Land of Wolves". We asked him directly about a Longmire movie then and here's what he said:

Craig Johnson - "We're just waiting to see what's gonna happen. I mean probably what it would be would be TV movies like that...all of these people back with the kind of schedules they have...to get them together to do TV movies is a lot more of a reality...much more of a possibility".

That was last fall. What about now? Any news of progress for a real Longmire movie to happen? TV Insider shared an interesting quote from actor Robert Taylor about this very thing:

You never say never...There have been formal talks about doing some Longmire movies. I know that all of us would like to do it.

We know that the actors are willing and author Craig Johnson would love to see it happen. The other key factor is finding a window when the key actors are available. Here's what I found on IMDb about who's doing what:

Robert Taylor (Walt) - Nothing listed for 2020. Last production was for Dolly Parton's Heartstrings last year

Katee Sackhoff (Vic) - Pre-production on The Last Transport this year, but nothing active at the moment

Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry) - Voice acting the past 4 years for Elena of Avalor

Cassidy Freeman (Katy) - Post-production next year for The Forever Purge

Adam Bartley (The Ferg) - Acting in The Last Straw which is now in post-production

From what I can gather, the 5 main Longmire characters appear to have a window perhaps early in 2021. It's a shot in the dark, but this is a key piece of the Longmire movie puzzle.

The biggest question of all is what company wants the movie. The only obvious platform to me is Netflix. Think about it. That is the streaming service where the show really was made famous. They have had a big-time increase in viewership thanks to the pandemic this year. People could watch a Longmire movie from their homes since the availability of movie theater audiences is questionable at best due to social distancing.

It's possible that the pandemic could have created the perfect storm of factors for us to finally get a Longmire movie. For now, all we can do is wait. Oh, and maybe we'll reach out and see if Craig Johnson is willing to visit with us again with an update. Here's hoping.

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