It's not exactly breaking news that we miss Longmire. It just hasn't been the same on TV since the show ended its Netflix run a few years ago. But, we can revel in the fact that many of the stars have made return trips to Wyoming including Vic from the show last weekend.

Vic (aka actress Katie Sackhoff) shared this pic on Instagram yesterday. It appears that Vic (Katie) was in our state over the Valentine's Day weekend based on her hashtag on Instagram.

I have to admit that every time I see one of the actors back in Wyoming I start daydreaming about the possibility of a return of Longmire either as a movie or another season of the series. Author Craig Johnson didn't say no when we asked him if a Longmire movie was possible.

Katie's Instagram pic from Wyoming comes after we had Sheriff Walt (Robert Taylor) share an Instagram pic from Casper not that long ago. Could all of these Wyoming appearances hint at a Longmire return? For now, we can only dream.

I've not hidden my love of Longmire and I'm not alone as an ongoing poll shows a majority of us favor Longmire over even the very popular new show Yellowstone.

In the meantime, you can keep up with Katie Sackhoff as her IMDb page shows she's currently in production for a show called The Last Transport and Another Life still showing on Netflix. Following her on Instagram is a good idea, too.

Let's hope that Vic (Katie) and The Ferg and Walt find their way back to our TV's again someday.

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