The presidential election is certainly the most contentious race voters will decide on Tuesday, but a litany of local and statewide candidates as well as a proposed constitutional amendment will also need the attention of Wyomingites.

Depending on where you live in Laramie -- or if you live elsewhere in Albany County -- your ballot may look a little different. We've put together a breakdown of everything voters within the city and county will see when they head to the polls.

Remember -- the ballots have two sides. Be sure to complete both the front and the back.

In several sections, everyone will see the same options. First, the candidates for President and Vice President of the United States:

  • Republicans Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence
  • Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
  • LIbertarians Gary Johnson and Bill Weld
  • Constitutionalists Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley
  • Independents "Rocky" Roque De La Fuente and Michael Steinberg
  • and Independents Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

And for Wyoming's United States Representative, there are four candidates to choose from -- no matter where in Wyoming you may live.

Two-year term; vote for one:

  • Republican Liz Cheney
  • Democrat Ryan Greene
  • Libertarian Lawrence Gerard Struempf
  • Constitutionalist Daniel Clyde Cummings

And voters will have the option to decide whether to retain three Wyoming Supreme Court Justices.

Eight-year term; vote 'yes' or 'no' on whether each should remain on the court:

  • Justice Catherine M. Fox
  • Justice William U. Hill
  • Justice Keith G. Kautz

The options for County Commissioner are also uniform for Albany County voters. Four-year term; vote for one:

  • Republican Terri Jones
  • Democratic Mary Byrnes

All Wyomingites can weigh in on whether to adopt the proposed Constitutional Amendment A, which would allow for certain state funds to be invested in the stock market -- funds which are currently prohibited from being invested in such a fashion.

The amendment reads as follows (vote 'for' or 'against'):

  • Currently, the Wyoming Constitution allows the legislature to authorize the investment of public employee retirement systems funds and permanent state funds in equities, such as stock or shares in private or public companies. Permanent funds of the state include funds designated as permanent funds by the Constitution. The Wyoming Constitution does not allow the state to invest any other funds in equities.The adoption of this amendment would allow the legislature, by two-thirds vote of the members of both houses, to authorize the investment of additional specified state funds in equities.

The Laramie City Council may see some new members.

In Ward 1 (four-year term; vote for no more than two):

  • Charles D. McKinney
  • Erik Molvar
  • William Swett
  • Vicki Henry

In Ward 2 (four-year term; vote for no more than two):

  • Jayne Pearce
  • Joe Shumway
  • Tim Hale
  • Tanna Nagy

In Ward 3 (four-year term; vote for one):

  • Brent Roth
  • Pat Gabriel

Voters will also be sending representatives off to Cheyenne, with different options to choose from depending upon district.

  • House District 13 (two-year term; vote for one):
    • Republican Joey Correnti IV
    • Democrat Cathy Connolly
  • House District 14 (two-year term; vote for one):
    • Republican Dan Furphy
    • Democrat Erin C. O'Doherty
  • House District 45 (two-year term; vote for one):
    • Republican Tom Schmit
    • Democrat Charles F. Pelkey
  • House District 46 (two-year term; vote for one):
    • Republican Bill Haley
    • Democrat Ken Chestek
  • House District 47 (two-year term; vote for one):
    • Republican Jerry Paxton
    • Democrat Ken Casner

As for Wyoming Senate, only one seat within Albany County is up for grabs.

  • Senate District 10 (four-year term; vote for one):
    • Republican Glenn Moniz
    • Democrat Narina Nunez

Seven candidates for three seats within Area A of the Albany County School Board are also on the ballot (four-year term; vote for not more than three):

  • Dan Bleak
  • Rihanna W. Kelver
  • Michele Mitchum
  • Robert Mobley
  • Lawrence Perea
  • Tamsin "Tammy" Schroeder
  • Mark Bittner

The at-large trustee will also be elected (four-year term; vote for one):

  • John Mickelson
  • Karen R. Bienz

Also on ballots throughout the county will be the supervisor positions for the Laramie Rivers Conservation District.

  • For Rural Supervisor (four-year term; vote for not more than two):
    • Larry C. Munn
    • Carol Price
  • And for Urban Supervisor (four-year term; vote for not more than two):
    • Ruth A. Shepherd

For Hospital District Trustee (four-year term; vote for not more than three):

  • Dennis C. Cook
  • Rex Gantenbein
  • Guy Warpness

Candidates for Fire District No. 1 Director are also on the ballot for folks in District 47, Precinct 11 (polling place at Rock RIver Town Hall) and District 14, Precinct 14 (polling place at Sybille Wildlife Research Unit).

It's a four-year-term, and voters can choose up to two candidates. On the ballot are:

  • Jon K. Essley
  • Joseph O. Witt

We'll have live election results as they come in Tuesday evening. Tune into KOWB-AM 1290 at 6 p.m. for all the national, statewide and local results.


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