Now that we're heading into the end of 2018, all of the "Best of 2018" and "Most Popular of 2018" lists and posts.  One such list is that of the most popular baby names across the country. While some of the numbers have come in, there will be no definitive "Top Baby Names In Every State" until mid-2019. However, there are some definite trends, as noted in this article. Sophia and Jackson are the heavy contenders for the most popular names of the year, whereas last year's favorites, Emma and Liam, have fallen to the number 3 and number 2 spots this year.

Like several other states, Wyomingites favored the names Emma and Liam in 2017, with the Social Security website noting that 35 applications were received for babies named Emma, but interestingly, the name Liam was tied with Wyatt, with the state receiving 30 Social Security applications with each name. Second place for girl names was Harper, with 24 Social Security applications.

What are Wyomingites naming their babies this year, though? Do you know several people naming their little girls Sophia? How many Jacksons have been born this year? Take our poll to see how popular your baby's name is this year!


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