There are just some moments in your life that scream "Casper". This is one of them. It's a traffic jam that is so perfectly Casper as made possible by a herd of pronghorn.

David Creger shared this special traffic moment earlier today. It appears that the pronghorn didn't think it was difficult enough to drive around town after a record-setting blizzard this past weekend. They decided to enforce their will and slow this guy's travel down.

If you have never been in Casper or haven't been here long, this is our life. I see so many pronghorn when driving down 21st Street, it's actually strange to NOT see them.

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One other thing to know is we wouldn't want it any other way. It's the pronghorn's world. We're just guests in it. Thanks to David for the quick video share of one of the things we love around here.

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