After waiting with baited breath for the better part of a month, we finally have a video from Laramie Police Department for their entry into the on-going Lip Sync Challenge movement that is sweeping the country. Law enforcement agencies from all across the map have participated, including several from the Cowboy State.

This video joins the ones from Gillette PD, Campbell County Sheriff Department, Rawlins Police Department, Casper Police Department, and of course, Cheyenne PD, who challenged Laramie to be next in their video released shortly before Cheyenne Frontier Days.

The video's filmmaker, Nid Collins of Laramie, says that the video was a huge joint effort, between the volunteers and police officers who gave their free time to participate, to the script writer in Scotland, Mark Westbrook, as well as Anthony Spangle of Spangle media who filmed the scenes. When asked if he thought the video would beat Cheyenne's rendition of Rawhide, Collins said: "With all due respect... I think we're gonna thrash 'em."

Collins also says he expects there will probably be some "haters," and he looks forward to reading their comments as much as the delighted ones.

What do you think about Laramie Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge video? Let us know in the poll below.

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