How well do you know Wyoming? Also, how well do you know the University of Wyoming? You never know when your wealth of Wyoming knowledge might be tested, especially when you're a student at the University of Wyoming. Someone made a TikTok video showing how well UW students actually know their school and their state.

No matter what school you go to, there's always at least a few things you absolutely HAVE to know about where you are attempting to get an education. But there are also some questions that may have a tougher degree of difficulty than you might think. So how much do UW students know about their school and state? Let's find out...

  • Question 1: Who is the president of UW?

This should be a gimme question. I didn't go to UW, but I can tell you that knowing who the president of the university was is something everyone at my school was expected to know during the first week of classes. But at least two out of three got that one right with the answer, of course, being Dr. Edward Seidel.

  • Question 2: What is the tallest building in Wyoming?

Given the building is on the campus at UW, you would hope that everyone gets this right, which they did. It's White Hall standing all of 146 feet tall (12 stories). One could argue that the state capitol is also 146 feet tall, but that is only ground to the tip of the spire. The ground to the top on both of the wings of the building is just 60 feet.

  • Question 3: True or False. UW was established before the State of Wyoming.

This one is a little tougher. A lot of people would likely get this one wrong. It seems that the University of Wyoming was actually founded in March of 1886. Governor Frances E. Warren signed an act that allotted for construction to begin on the first building at UW (for just $50,000). This happened when Wyoming was still known as a territory. Wyoming did not receive statehood until July 10, 1890. Thus, making this true. Only one of the three asked in the video got this one correct so don't feel bad if you didn't.

But there it is! You learn something new everyday. If you happen to be a student at UW, be sure to have that school and state trivia fresh in your head. Otherwise, you may end up looking like you don't know anything about your school on TikTok.

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