Tuition rates are set to go up for University of Wyoming students. The yearly rate increase is standard according to their tuition policy. Wyoming resident undergraduate and graduate rates and nonresident graduate and undergraduate rates would increase by 4%.

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The UW Board of Trustees is also considering a large hike in tuition for online students, of 20%. This increase applies to students who are enrolled in fully online programs, not to students who are on campus and take some online courses. 

Undergraduate resident rates for 2022-23 were $166 a credit hour and will increase to $173, for an average of $2,590 a semester. Nonresident undergraduate rates last season were $692 and will increase to $720, for an average of $10,795 per semester.

Online rates were $166 a credit hour and will be increased to $199. Last year a semester of online courses averaged $2,490 and will increase to $2,985, an almost $500 increase per semester. 

Public comment is open until Tuesday, Aug. 22. To comment, take the survey here

As stated by the tuition policy, the 4% rate increase will go towards salary increases and student success priorities:

2% – Salaries – To be applied first to the cost of mandatory salary increases for promoted faculty, and then second to the University’s faculty and staff salary increase policy.

2% - Student Success Priorities – The Associated Students of the University of Wyoming (ASUW) and the Administration will establish priorities that are deemed most impactful or needed to enhance student success at the University of Wyoming and will make recommendations to the Board to allocate funding accordingly.

The tuition rates noted above do not include the university’s mandatory student fees or program fees. 

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