With encouraging numbers regarding COVID-19 infections, along with vaccine availability and acceptance, it possible for the University of Wyoming to move forward with plans for a traditional fall 2021 semester with in-person experiences and fewer restrictions.

Rather than wait until June to make a final decision on the approach to the fall semester that starts Monday, Aug. 23, the university has determined to proceed with plans for face-to-face classes at maximum capacity, face-to-face student engagement programs, in-person athletics experiences and the like.

Last week, the university announced that the significant decline in COVID-19 cases and increasing availability of vaccines had prompted an adjustment to UW’s spring semester plan, allowing students and faculty the option of continuing in-person experiences throughout the semester.

For the fall semester, a much higher percentage of classes will be conducted face to face, and it is expected that distancing, gathering and testing requirements will be eased. It’s not yet certain whether there will continue to be any requirement for face protection.

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