President Ed Seidel, the Board of Trustees, and Senior Leadership recently put out a letter in response to an incident that had occurred during a presentation earlier this week.

During one of UW's Black History Month activities, participants of a Monday evening Zoom discussion were subjected to racial epithets and other highly offensive, inappropriate comments and images by an individual or individuals intent upon disrupting the session.

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In response to this incident, the president, board of trustees, and senior leadership made the following points clear.

  • The University of Wyoming unequivocally condemns this behavior and has begun working with local law enforcement to address this matter.
  • They are taking steps to make sure the behavior isn’t repeated in upcoming Black History Month events conducted via Zoom.
  • They are reaching out to those impacted by the uninvited outburst to make sure they receive the support they need and deserve.

At this point, an investigation by UW’s Information Technology Office indicates that the offensive content came from computer servers in other countries and an East Coast state and not from UW users.

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