The University of Wyoming's Office of Research and Economic Development has provided funding for five collaborative projects aimed at providing benefits to UW and the state.

The first UW Grand Challenges Initiative Planning projects address issues ranging from rural health to developing next-generation, secure, digital platforms that promote sustainable energy production, transport, and consumption.

The selected projects were drawn from transdisciplinary teams across multiple UW colleges and departments.

The selected projects are:

  • “The Democracy Laboratory at the University of Wyoming” - The Democracy Laboratory is a dynamic, interdisciplinary, intergenerational space that focuses on making liberty and justice for all a fact of life rather than a distant dream.
  • “Adapting Pandemic-Driven Technological Advancement to Expand Ecosystem Service Reach and Virtual Access to Wyoming’s National Parks” - This project aims to integrate digital technology with social media-driven and crowd-sourced conservation fundraising to build live-streamed access to Wyoming’s world-class wildlife viewing experiences.
  • “IMPACT:  Innovative Methods to develop Adaptive Capacity through Transdisciplinarity” -This project aims to transform UW’s approach to research and enhance public trust in research and information.
  • "The UCHAT Project: Unlocking Community Health Access Together” - This project seeks to build community support for health improvement strategies through an inclusive, deliberative process, with the ultimate goal of increasing health access and outcomes in rural communities.
  • “Next-Generation Secure Digital Ecosystems at the Nexus of Climate and Energy” - This project aims to develop next-generation, secure digital platforms and promote sustainable energy production, transport, and consumption via secure, decentralized monitoring and control systems.

Further details of the five Grand Challenges projects can be found here.

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