The trial against a woman who is accused of making threatening statements against herself on a Facbook page has been vacated.

According to paperwork from Albany County Circuit Court, the trial for Meg Lanker-Simons, originally scheduled for October, will not be going forward.  An order from sitting judge Randal R. Arp says that the trial is being vacated to permit Lanker-Simons to enter a written change of plea.

It is not currently clear what plea Lanker-Simons will enter.

Lanker-Simons faces a charge of misdemeanor interference with a peace officer. She had originally entered a "not guilty" plea to that charge.  The charges allege that Lanker-Simons had anonymously posted a profane and explicit threat against herself on the UW Crushes Facebook page, then later lied to investigators about having made the post.

The case had gained national attention in the beginning, and spawned an anti-rape culture rally at the University of Wyoming's campus, at which Lanker-Simons public spoke out against the UW Crushes site, asking for the person who made the comment to step forward.  She was cited on the charge a few hours following the rally.

The judge's order says that Lanker-Simons has until October 30th to file the written plea.

Members of both the prosecution and defense teams could not be reached for comment.


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