The University of Wyoming announced that a total of 70 University of Wyoming students and employees have tested positive for COVID-19 during their one-time testing program at the start of the semester.

The test positivity rate has remained consistent at just over 1 percent since then, with the finding that 66 percent of students and 88 percent of employees said they’ve been vaccinated in an anonymous survey.

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A total of 10,236 tests were performed for students and employees in the one-time testing program, with a compliance rate of 94 percent for both students and employees.

The survey conducted in conjunction with the testing program reached 7,082 students and 2,102 employees, with 4,649 students and 1,846 employees saying they’d been vaccinated.

As of Monday, August 30, 4,144 individual students have reported receiving at least one dose of a COVID vaccine on the Student Health Service portal.

Also as of Monday, August 30, 2,200 of UW’s total 2,889 benefited employees have reported through the HCM that they’ve received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Students and employees are encouraged to report their individual vaccinations so that the university can track overall numbers. The information is not being used for any other purpose, except to enter those who’ve reported their vaccinations into drawings for prizes. The university’s privacy protocols are being followed.

As of Monday, there are 83 active cases of COVID-19 among the UW community, with 55 students off-campus, 21 students on campus, and seven employees.

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