Mountain View Regional Hospital (MVRH) in Casper recently pledged $45,000 to support students in the University of Wyoming’s Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing.

The hospital will provide $15,000 annually to support students in the Marcia Dale Aspire Scholars Program. The gift will be used for scholarships for each of four senior Aspire Scholars and will cover travel costs associated with mentoring opportunities with members of the MVRH staff.

“The quality and passion of the (UW) nursing students are absolutely the best,” says Jeff VanHorn, the hospital’s CEO. “This gives a sense that through this program we can hopefully give to the students some practical application of what a hospital or health care entity can be for future clinical leaders.”

Madison Vigil, a senior Aspire student from Centennial Colo., says, “The financial aspect is wonderful and I appreciate it so much, but the gift of the time that the leaders at MVRH are willing to invest in us as our mentors will have a profound impact on our professional development.”

Laramie student Elinore Simpson adds that the support will allow her to fully devote herself to her studies without the stress of how to finance her education.

“Furthermore, the invaluable opportunity to be mentored by the staff of Mountain View Regional Hospital will be an experience which will enrich my learning and provide me with career training that will influence me years beyond graduation.”

MVRH has been a clinical partner with the School of Nursing since 2010, initially accepting students from UW’s BRAND accelerated nursing program for clinical placement during students’ plans of study.

The nursing Aspire program was created to encourage, promote and nurture scholarship, leadership and professionalism in future nurses. Last year, the nursing Aspire was renamed the Marcia Dale Aspire Scholars program in honor of the former school of nursing dean who served 42 years at UW.

The program allows students to experience professional growth and to develop leadership, communication and collaboration skills. Students serve as ambassadors for the School of Nursing and participate in a variety of activities, such as Legislative Days and Discovery Days. Acceptance into the Aspire program follows an intensive application and interview process, and culminates with the guarantee of admission to the competitive nursing major component, normally in the students’ junior year.

Aspire students who will benefit from the MVRH gift during the next three years are:

Centennial, Colo. -- Madison Vigil, senior.

Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Rachel O’Connor, junior; Amy Michael, junior.

Fort Collins, Colo. -- Margaret McDonnell, senior.

Laramie -- Elinore Simpson, senior.

Powell -- Brianne Siebert, sophomore.

Sheridan -- Alexa Blare, junior.

Star Valley -- Rebekah Davis, sophomore.

Walsenburg, Colo. -- Jacey Day, sophomore.

Wheatland -- Amber Wright, senior.

Windsor, Colo. -- Taylor Clark, sophomore