What more do you need to celebrate the start of Cowboy football than a crowd of brown & gold, a famous country headliner, and a little melodic nostalgia? The Cowboy Kickoff Pep Rally and Concert was the official start of the University of Wyoming school year--with local band Brand 307 opening, and country guru Craig Morgan headlining.

But between the two acts, the crowd got a little bit of pep. The UW Marching Band hit Tailgate Park to perform THE song of the University--Ragtime Cowboy Joe!

Sing along with the video below:

He always sings, raggedy music to the cattle
As he swings, back and forward in the saddle
On a horse, a pretty good horse, hes got a syncopated, gaiter
and you ought to hear the meter to the roar of his repeater
How they run (YES RUN!) when they hear him a'comin'
'Cause the Western folks all know

He's a high-faluting scooting
Shooting son of a gun from Ol' Wyoming
Ragtime Cowboy, talk 'bout your cowboy
Ragtime Cowboy Joe

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