A new wildlife documentary puts the spotlight on obstacles that elk, mule deer, and other hooved mammals face during their migrations.

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The film was produced by the Wyoming Migration Initiative (WMI) at the University of Wyoming, and is titled “Barriers.”

This short film gives close-up views into the struggles of animals, along with the hopeful story of how migration data and maps can help conserve herds long into the future.

The film explores three major types of migration barriers: fences that animals have to jump or crawl under; roadways with busy traffic; and new developments in wildlife habitats.

While WMI produced the film, footage contributions came from dozens of filmmakers and agencies. It illustrates state-of-the-art migration science, corridor mapping, and collaborative conservation efforts.

The film draws on years of cooperative research findings from long-term trail cameras and GPS collar studies, which have revealed how our growing human footprint can negatively affect migratory populations.

“Barriers” and a companion traveling exhibition were produced with major support from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF).

“Barriers” is available to view on WMI’s social media channels and to stream at Vimeo and YouTube.

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