The University of Wyoming has recently changed its plans regarding COVID-19, switching its approach from trying to contain the virus to managing it.

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Instead of requiring all students and employees to be tested for COVID-19 January 12-16, UW will offer voluntary testing for members of the campus community on those days There are plans to resume weekly random-sample testing of 3 percent of the campus community on January 18.

Under the testing program that resumes on January 18, a weekly random sample of 3 percent of the UW community will receive emails directing them to be tested. This diagnostic testing will take place at the Crane-Hill Dining Center as well. Employees and students can opt-out of random-sample testing if they will not be on campus for the week, have been diagnosed with COVID within the last 90 days, or are sick or in quarantine.

As of Thursday, there were 82 active cases of COVID-19 among the UW community: 22 employees, 15 on-campus students, and 45 off-campus students.

The university will emphasize its current mask requirement for most indoor spaces, including encouragement of more effective masks, as well as encouraging vaccination and boosters.

More information about UW’s COVID-19 response can be found here.

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