On Saturday, March 7, Laramie locals, Brandon Swick and Shepard Cortez, participated at ATS Let It Roll Dyno Day 2020 at ATS Diesel Performace Shop in Arvada, CO.

Each contestant is allowed three chances to see how much horsepower their pickups can make. Some pickups are stock, meaning little to no modifications were done to heavily modify for maximum horsepower.

Brandon Swick was able to build 873 horsepower during his last pull.

Brandon Swick before his 873hp pull, photo by Trevor Coker

See the video of Swick's pull below:

Shepard Cortez Was able to build 795 horsepower during his second pull.

Shepard Cortez before his 795hp pull, photo by Trevor Coker

See video of Cortez's pull below:

Swick is a Laramie resident, and Cortez was born and raised in Laramie.

To see more of their pulls and pictures of their trucks, please find Brandon Swick's Instagram here and Shepard Cortez's Instagram here. 

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