State felony charges have been dropped against three individuals arrested on suspicion of identity theft, and the trio will now face charges on the Federal level.

Maurice Wayne Bright Jr., Porsha Slones and Jasmine Bradley, all of Florida, were stopped on the highway near Farson, Wyoming. Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Brandon Deckert says he originally observed the suspect vehicle traveling over 100 miles-per-hour in a 65-mile-per-hour zone.

"By the time I pulled off the road and prepared to make a u-turn, the had already hit the brakes, pulled over and were moving around inside the vehicle as I got my car closer to approach," Trooper Deckert says.

In the car, investigators found approximately 200 gift cards as well as items that could indicate identity theft.  "Hundreds if not thousands of names," Deckert explained.  "Dates of birth, social security numbers, account balances, account passwords, mothers' maiden names, children's names; multiple items which appeared to be used in identity theft."

Trooper Deckart confirms that the three were originally charged with felonies in State court, however those charges have now been dropped and the individuals will face charges from the United States Secret Service.

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