New details have surfaced in the stabbing of a Laramie man last week, after court documents were filed in court on Tuesday.

Jake Gillen, 22, of no known address was arrested for second degree attempted murder in the stabbing of Terrence Gadlin, 30, of Laramie. Tessa Bean, 20, of Laramie was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact.

According to court documents, Laramie Police officers responded to a call at about 5 a.m. from a man saying that he had been stabbed and was trying to enter the Ivinson Memorial Hospital emergency room.  When officers arrived at the scene they saw that the man, Gadlin, had multiple injuries including lacerations and puncture wounds to his chest, neck and head as well as a defensive wound on his wrist.

Gadlin’s injuries were serious enough that he was not able to give officers any information about what had happened to him, according to LPD PSAP Manager Steven Morgan.

Gadlin was life-flighted via AirLife to the Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, CO, where he received open-heart surgery after it was determined his chest wound included injuries to his left ventricle. As of the time the court documents were filed on Tuesday, Gadlin was in the intensive care unit.

An LPD detective was able to track down the suspect in this case after a woman from Cheyenne called the LPD after seeing news reports about the incident. She told police that her cousin, Jake Gillen, along with his girlfriend, Bean, showed up at her home the same day as the stabbing incident, court documents say.

She said Gillen talked about getting into a fight with a “big guy” in Laramie. Gillen said the “big guy” attacked him and Bean and that he thought that he had killed him.  The woman told police she had gotten Gillen and Bean a room at a motel in Cheyenne. The LPD contacted the Cheyenne Police Department, who posted an officer outside the motel who was to make contact with Gillen and Bean if they left the motel room.

According to court documents, the woman also told officers that she heard Gillen had gone to his uncle’s residence in Laramie. Police spoke to Gillen’s uncle at his home in Laramie, who said that Gillen had showed up at his home the day before the stabbing, asking for a ride to a trailer he and Bean were staying at on North 9th Street in Laramie.

Gillen’s uncle said that Gillen had come back to his home at 7 a.m. on June 22 -the day of the stabbing- and had knocked on his door. The uncle said he intentionally did not answer the door and that Gillen seemed “agitated,” and Gillen and Bean left “hastily.”

Police went to the trailer where Bean and Gillen had been staying and found a large quantity of what appeared to be blood drops in the driveway and a suspected blood smear on the front door. Officers also saw a possible blood spatter on a curtain in the kitchen window.

Officers knocked but there was no answer and after announcing their presence for three to five minute, they entered the house to do a safety sweep to make sure there were no other injured people inside. Officers reported finding a significant amount of suspected blood throughout the residence, but mostly in the kitchen.

After clearing the residence, officers put up yellow crime tape around the perimeter and posted an officer to make sure no one entered the residence until a search warrant is secured.

An arraignment has not yet been set for Gillen or Bean.

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