Wyoming is a state of wonders, right? We have a ton of different places that have features you'll only see here. Unbridled beauty that really can't be matched by other states. I mean, Yellowstone is the oldest National Park and it takes up a whole corner of our state with absolute beauty.

A person on TikTok made a video showcasing the places in Wyoming that you need to visit to check off your bucket list. This is a pretty cool list and the places he mentions just look gorgeous. It's wild that these places exist in our state. I mean, we sit on the Front Range, but place that they show like Jenny Lake is beyond beautiful.

Check out this video, let's see if we agree.

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Those were great shots of different locations across the state. Do you agree with those 8 locations that the author decided to praise? They were better than most people from outside of the state that gives suggestions if we're being honest. He's tagging places that aren't typically on the map of what you're looking for. It also is a list of places for non-yuppies. You know, they didn't give a bunch of love to Jackson, which is nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed the quick clip and feel like this could be a great tourism shot for people that don't just want to be given generic places to check out. Rather than saying, yeah, just go to this park, it's more so, checks out this feature in this park. I dig it.

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