Meet the actor who hails from Wyoming who has had a role in basically every TV show you've ever watched.

Okay, that may be a bit dramatic. But, Laramie native Jim Beaver's resume is very long. He has appeared in dozens of shows over the last few decades.

You may know him as the guy that sold Walter guns on Breaking Bad. Or Chuck on Netflix's The Ranch. He played Bobby Singer on the show Supernatural and Sheriff Shelby Parlow on Justified. Oh, and don't forget his turn as Ellsworth on HBO's Deadwood!

Beaver was born in 1950 in Laramie, Wyoming while his dad was in graduate school studying accounting at the University of Wyoming. Before he had his first birthday, his family returned to their native Texas. He grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After high school he server in the Marines, including a year in Vietnam. Following his service, Beaver went to college in Oklahoma and began his creative career.

Along with acting, Beaver is an accomplished writer. He's written plays, for TV, and three books. His memoir, Life's That Way, is about how Beaver coped with the time when his wife Cecily died from lung cancer and his daughter was diagnosed with autism

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