The Library Sports Grille & Brewery had its final night of operation, at its current location, on Saturday January 26th.

A place that has long catered to Laramie residents, UW students and almuni with the catchphrase "don't lie to your mom, tell her you're at The Library" is departing it's location on Grand Ave, across from the UW campus for a new location that is, as yet, unannounced.

An announcement was made in fall of last year that lease negotiations between the owners of The Library and the owner of the building at 1622 E. Grand Ave. began in early 2012. However, the agreement that was made was a mutual parting of ways. A non-renewal notice was signed on October 31st, meaning The Library would be out of its current location by early February.

During their final night of business, both the bar and restaurant areas of The Library reached capacity early on, and speculation was buzzing as to where the Library's new location would be.  During informal conversation, a spokesperson for the Library said that they hope to make some kind of official announcement mid-February.

The final night of operation played host to a karaoke night, "Margarita-Monday on Saturday," and the Library's usual host of games and activities.

Photos in Gallery courtesy of Jason P. Niedbalski, Nicholas F. Jackson, and Cameron L. Maris:


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