Most students who attend the University of Wyoming eventually graduate and move along. Some of them never leave.

Matt Groathouse's love for skateboarding began in seventh grade. Throughout junior high, high school and college, the Laramie native would practice new tricks on the UW campus.

Over the years, he's become a local legend, known simply as "Skater Guy".

Groathouse graduated from Laramie High in 2000 and spent seven years as a UW student. After earning degrees in marketing and business administration, he now serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for American Collection Systems in Laramie.

And, yes, he still rides his skateboard to work almost every day.

At 32, "Skater Guy" has long been one of the most recognizable people in Laramie. Recently, his "fame" has spread across the state.

He was featured in a Casper Star Tribune profle last year and was also the subject of short documentary from Wyoming based filmmaker Brian Guise.

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