Cowboys fans can help make dreams come true for cancer patients fighting life-threatening situations at the Cowboys basketball game on Saturday, February 14 at the Arena Auditorium in Laramie.

Volunteers from the American Cancer Society and Cameco Resources will be offering special winter knit caps for $20. Net proceeds from the sale of the caps will go to Cameco Teams for Dreams.

“I just think this is a great opportunity for folks to drop a twenty dollar bill-- get a cap for your donation of twenty dollars. It just really goes to a great cause, focusing on helping these folks, make their dreams come true, that are in a life threatening fight,” says the Voice of the Cowboys Dave Walsh, “ I just think it’s a great cause and a great way to help out. For twenty dollars you get the cap and you can rest assured that you are going to be helping in a big, big way.”

Cameco Teams for Dreams is similar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for children, but this organization is geared towards helping adults with cancer. The organization fulfills dreams that help to make recovery easier or more comfortable or something that will just help in life.

“We made five dreams come true last year and hope to do at least that many again this year,” says Walsh. “And the selection process is kind of going on right now. So there will be folks chosen. It’s just a great thing. It gives folks a chance to really contribute and help make these dreams come true.”

Dreams are unique to each individual, and have included:

  • An Alaskan cruise for a couple in Wright to make up for a missed honeymoon and vacations lost to hospital stays.
  • A flight for a man from Casper to see distant family “one last time.”
  • A lease of a vehicle with heated seats for a woman in Cheyenne.
  • A visit from family out of state for a woman in Green River.
  • A new family room for a woman in Cheyenne to enjoy family gatherings and to make recuperating from treatments more comfortable.

The dreams are possible thanks to funds raised by the program and to the generous support of local business leaders including Cheyenne contractor M.J. Gertsch and Chuck Ruwart, owner of Laramie Peak Motors in Wheatland.

Cameco Teams for Dreams is a creation of University of Wyoming Intercollegiate Athletics, the American Cancer SocietyWyoming Community Foundation and Cameco Resources — a unique partnership in the fight against cancer.

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