UW's Mike Borowczak to Give Presentation on Cybersecurity
Mike Borowczak, the founding director of the University of Wyoming's Cybersecurity Education and Research Center, is the presenter during a virtual seminar titled "Codebreaker," which is set to take place on Thursday, January 7, at 3:30 pm.
His presentation will explore the use of side chan…
UW Cybersecurity
The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees got a crash course in cybersecurity at the university by Vice President and CIO of Information Technology Robert Aylward.
Cowpokes GenCyber Camp
As the importance of computer science comes into sharper focus for many in the Cowboy State, students and teachers will have the opportunity to get hands-on cybersecurity experience at the first ever Cowpokes GenCyber camp this summer.
UW Cybersecurity Education
The University of Wyoming Cybersecurity Education and Research center is bringing cybersecurity education to UW students and the Wyoming community.