Albany County School District No. 1

Slade Elementary Mouse Issue
Some teachers and parents of students at Slade Elementary School are dissatisfied with the Albany County School District No.1 Administration’s response to a mouse infestation at the school.
ACSD No.1 'May Consider' Resolution
“We have had to get more efficient, which is totally acceptable,” Yennie said. “We understand what needs to happen at a state level; we’ve got a funding issue. Then again, there’s a constitutional decree that we provide a basket of goods and the legislature’…
ACSD No. 1 Positions
The position of LHS principal is not the only spot the school district needs to fill. Kern’s move to principal will leave vacant his previous assistant principal position, two of which are currently unfilled.
Centennial School Early Release
Additionally, all students that live in the Hwy 130/Centennial area that attend Laramie High School, Laramie Junior High School, Spring Creek and Linford will be released early and transported home.
School District Lawsuit
The lawsuit was filed by the mother of a former Harmony Elementary School student and alleges that Albany County School District No. 1 employees failed to act to address the sexual harassment and eventual sexual assault of a six-year-old girl.

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