Albany County School District No.1 officials are planning to change the name of the Laramie Junior High School and the old Deti Stadium.

The School Name committee will meet on April 26th to submit three to five names for the junior high and the stadium, which will be selected from suggestions submitted by the Laramie community.

Superintendent Jubal Yennie said the move is to avoid confusion about the names of the structures.

"The name of the junior high school came up in a school board conversation, everyone has been calling it the middle school," Yennie said. "We said if we are going to keep calling it that, we better change the name. It's semantic."

Yennie said the confusion about the names of the old and new Deti Stadium was also brought up by a board member during the conversation. The ACSD No. 1 Board of Education voted to carry over the name of the old stadium in 2015. Yennie says renaming the old Deti Stadium will hopefully clear up the confusion.

The school board will consider the name suggestions at their May 10th meeting and will either vote on the names or release them for public comment.

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