Laramie High School and Laramie Junior High School remain on lockout and Laramie schools are on heightened alert after a threatening social media post associated with 'creepy clowns' that have been reported across the country.

District Superintendent Jubal Yennie emphasizes that schools are safe, but police presence has been increased as a precaution.

Laramie Police Department Lt. Gwen Smith says as of 11:20 a.m., nothing has been found to indicate that the threats are credible.

But police continue to investigate the threats. Smith says officers are trying to track the origin of the threatening social media posts.

Here is an update from the district sent via email, text and phone call shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday, nearly four hours after the police investigation began:


This is an important update regarding today's "clown" social media post. The schools are safe; however, we have increased police presence as a precaution. Laramie Junior High and Laramie High School received a social media post. Schools will continue to secure sites and follow established security procedures. We are currently working with the Laramie Police Department to assist in their investigation. Parents will be notified if further action is warranted.

Dr. Jubal Yennie
Superintendent of Schools
Albany County School District One

Stuart Nelson with Albany County School District No. 1 says while LJHS and LHS are on lockout, things at the junior high are "a little tighter," with people being escorted as they enter the building.

Entry procedures at Laramie High School are standard, though officials are keeping a close eye on anyone who enters or exits the building, Nelson says.

We will update this story as it develops.

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