UPDATE (9:35 a.m.):

Laramie police are heading up an investigation into a threat posted on social media that sent two Laramie schools into lockout Wednesday morning.

Laramie High School and Laramie Junior High School remain on lockout. No one is being allowed in or out of either building, while perimeter security at both schools has been beefed up and police presence has been increased.

"At this point we feel very comfortable with the security we have in place," says Stuart Nelson of Albany County School District No. 1.

Nelson says the threat was first reported at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday by a parent who said they saw a 'creepy clown' threat posted on social media. Nelson says it appears to be a Snapchat that the parent copied and forwarded to the principal of Laramie Junior High School.

The principal then called police and notified district officials. 

Nelson says he heard the the high school was also threatened, but says so far a specific threat against LHS has not been seen.

Schools across the country have recently received similar threats, including schools in Fairfield, Calif. that dealt with a threat yesterday.

Either the district or the Laramie Police Department will release more information as the investigation unfolds. We will update this story as we learn more.

Original Story:

Laramie Junior High School and Laramie High School are under lockout procedures this morning as Albany County School District officials work to determine whether an anonymous threat against both buildings is credible.

No violence has been reported.

Lockout means students remain inside the building and classes continue as usual. Meanwhile, no one is allowed to enter or exit the building, and perimeter security is increased.

Lockout is typically employed to deal with an external threat. Click here to read about the difference between a lockout and a lockdown.

Assistant Superintendent Mike Hamel confirmed at about 8:45 a.m. Wednesday that the junior high school is on lockout and says he believes the high school is following the same procedure, as the threat applies to both buildings.

Hamel says Superintendent Jubal Yennie will put out more information shortly.

This story will be updated.



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