Sue Ibarra announced her candidacy for Albany County Commissioner on April 22, 2020

She stated when announcing her candidacy, “Albany County has exceptionally caring and involved citizens, many of whom work hard to improve the quality of life in our entire community, both in and outside of Laramie’s city limits. I commit to represent all of these citizens."

Ibarra has over 30 years of community service in Albany County, and served two terms on the Albany County School Board. She has also served on boards for the Laramie Reproductive Health Clinic, Downtown Clinic, Albany County SAFE Project, Laramie Swim Club, and Laramie Children’s Museum.

Ibarra has volunteered for over 15 years for Home Delivered Meals.  Ibarra has also been active in numerous campaigns, including Smoke-Free Laramie and C4ES (Citizens for Excellent Schools).

“I am extremely excited at the possibility of serving as a county commissioner,” said Ibarra.

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