LARAMIE – The redevelopment project introduced by Third Street Partners along South 3rd Street in Laramie is moving forward this week, as demolition of an old gas station at the site nears completion.

Jeffrey VanFleet, attorney for Third Street Partners, LLC, a Wyoming Company, said Wednesday that Third Street purchased the 6 acres of land between Sanders and Spring Creek. Scrap Tree was one of the businesses located there, and they have moved to 725 Skyline Drive in Laramie.

“The main project encompasses approximately 675 feet along 3rd Street and extends approximately 750 feet back off of 3rd Street,” VanFleet said.

“The gas station had been occupied by an antiques store and worship center in recent years. It was not actually operated as a gas station for many years.”

Third St. restaurant

VanFleet said the team has also purchased the vacant restaurant location at 1501 S. 3rd St. directly south and contiguous to the redevelopment site.

“This location was vacant for several years and previously housed a restaurant. The new tenant will be a fast food restaurant providing services to local residents and travelers on Highway 287 and Interstate 80. This venture should bring additional visitors, jobs, and money to Laramie’s gateway,” said VanFleet.

The restaurant development proposal is under review by the City of Laramie Planning Office.

Third Street demolished the vacant buildings on the property in March and is in the process of prepping the site for a future project.

The project has not gone unnoticed. Josh Boudreau, vice president of economic development with the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance, was pleased with the cleanup effort.

“It is great to see some redevelopment happening along one of our main corridors into town,” he said.

Third Street Partners, LLC is comprised of investors with close ties to Laramie. While work has begun on the proposed commercial development, a final development plan is still pending.

Third Street is working to build partnerships with up to five partners involving mixed commercial use.

Bill Spires, the CEO of Third Street Partners, LLC, said, Third Street Partners is dedicated to uplifting the 3rd Street Corridor, which is the southern gateway to the Gem City.

Spires added that Third Street is excited about this great venture to provide new services and employment opportunities to the City of Laramie.

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