As winds shifted directions today, Laramie's skies were filled with smoke from the forest fires burning in the near vicinity. With all of the bad that comes with smoke filled skies, it did lead to quite the epic sight as the sun set over Laramie tonight. Thanks to one of our readers for capturing this and sending in the pictures above!

Forest Fire Update:

Earlier today we were shocked to report the massive growth of the High Park fire burning in the Fort Collins area. As of tonight that fire has again grown significantly from the reports of this morning, expanding by almost 5,000 more acres. The fire has now burned 41,140 acres of land in Colorado, killed one person and destroyed over 100 structures. Two hundred more firefighters are responding to the wildfire and are expected to arrive within the next 48 hours to help control the blaze. While parts of the fire have moderated, in many places it has not as it burns towards more housing subdivisions tonight. Officials hope to get the fire under control with the extra man-power which should start arriving early tomorrow.

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