A recently-announced candidate for Laramie County Sheriff and the mayor of Cheyenne and a City Council member discussing a proposed anti-harassment ordinance will be among the guests on the ''Weekend In Wyoming' program on am 650, KGAB on Saturday.

Jeff Barnes, who recently announced that he is running for Sheriff of Laramie County as an independent candidate, will lead off the show at 11:05. We'll ask him about the major issues in the sheriff's election as well as why he is running as an independent in heavily Republican Laramie County. We'll also open up the phone lines for your questions or comments at 632-6500 and 632-3323.

At 11:33, we'll air an interview with Cailynn Russ of Cheyenne about the state's first Junior League chapter. Who are they and what do they do? We'll try to answer those questions with the founder of the organization.

At 12:06, we'll be joined by Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins and City Councilman Richard Johnson as we discuss an anti-harassment ordinance that will be introduced at Monday night's meeting of the Cheyenne City Council. What is it? Why do we need it? Don't existing laws cover the same things? Those are a few of the questions we will ask. Again, we'll open the phone lines for your questions and/or comments at 632-6500 and 632-3323.

We'll wrap up Saturday's show with Catherine Wissner, with the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service. She'll be discussing the following topics:

  • Winter tree care and how the wind can cause unseen damage.
  • Reseeding the prairie and timing for doing that.
  • Vegetable garden planning and seed buying, what to look for and planting an extra row

It all happens this Saturday from 11 am until 1 p.m. on AM 650, KGAB!

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