Seven University of Wyoming projects were recently chosen to receive computational time and storage space on the supercomputer Cheyenne.

UW faculty members will lead projects – including identification of promising catalysts for carbon fuel and chemical production, cloud seeding and a study of the Blair-Wallis watershed- that will use the NCAR- Wyoming Supercomputing Center.

Bryan Shader, UW’s special assistant to the vice president for research and economic development and a UW professor of mathematics, said the projects were chosen by the Wyoming-NCAR Allocation Panel and preference was given to projects that would otherwise be impossible.

“These projects represent new explorations that could not be undertaken without the capabilities of Cheyenne, the recently installed supercomputer at the NWSC,” Shader says in a statement. “Improved computer technology is enabling the study of more complicated or nuanced phenomena.”

Twenty-three UW projects have used the NWSC over the last year, including four new projects that were allocated 72 million core hours beginning January 2016. This puts UW as first in total allocation and total users, first in total computer charges and first in active projects among the more than 100 North American universities using the supercomputer.

Allocations have been made to 53 UW research projects since the NWSC’s opening in October 2012, including the latest seven projects. The projects will begin on July 1.

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