Senator Barrasso recently shared that he penned an article for Fox News, in which he dissected President Biden's first year in office. He called it 'a year of crisis.'

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Biden wrote that there have been many serious challenges in our country, such as the coronavirus, crime rates, border control, inflation, and more. Barrasso also referenced the decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan which, he said, led to America's enemies seeing weakness in the country.

"Faced with these crises, President Biden has been asleep at the switch," Barrasso wrote. "His White House wasted months pushing for a reckless tax-and-spending spree in Congress. Their wish list would have burdened our economy with massive debt and massive tax hikes. When that failed, Democrats started pushing for a federal takeover of elections. This massive power grab rigs the rules for permanent one-party rule – Democrat rule."

Barrasso said that the American people don't want this. He said they want solutions. Barrasso wrote that recent polling suggested that the current economy is American's number one concern.

"Our first job in Congress is to get this 40-year high inflation under control," he wrote. "Last March the Democrats put $2 trillion on the credit card, and ever since we’ve seen prices shoot up. We have to stop the unnecessary, big-government spending. That’s the first step back to the pre-pandemic economy, the best economy of my lifetime."

Barrasso didn't exactly credit Trump with the success of the American economy, which is good because the Joint Economic Committee, led by Congressman Don Beyer. stated that Trump actually inherited a strong economy from President Obama. The economy has taken a hit under President Biden, however, and that is what Barrasso said Americans care the most about.

But they also care about COVID-19 and the effects of it, he said. COVID numbers have hit record highs in America, and Barrasso inferred that this is Biden's fault, despite his own resistance to vaccine mandates. 

"Despite trillions of dollars in government spending on coronavirus relief, people still can’t get tested, still can’t get treatments, and still don’t have clear public health guidance," Barrasso wrote. "It’s an embarrassment."

He continued, writing that "Republicans are demanding accountability for the money that was spent. Congress needs to ensure that funding prioritizes testing and treatments, not giveaways to left wing special interests and teachers’ union bosses."

Barrasso also spoke on the current issues at the border; a subject he's been interested in for a long time. 

"The crisis on the southern border has never been worse," Barrasso wrote. "We’re talking two million illegal immigrants over the last twelve months. This is a national security crisis as well as a humanitarian and public health crisis. President Biden flung the border open on his first day in office, stopping all deportations for 100 days and ending the Remain in Mexico policy. He not just stopped building the wall; he started to take down the wall."

Barrasso said that he spoke with Border Patrol agents, who told him that the easiest way to end the "border crisis' is to continue construction on 'the wall."

Barrasso also criticized Biden's move to pull American troops out of Afghanistan, a move that resulted in the death of more than a dozen service members, including Wyoming's own Rylee McCollum.

"The White House needs to start investing in our military and forget their woke agenda," he wrote.

Speaking of a "woke agenda," Barrasso also blamed President Biden, as well as Democrats, for the killings and the retirements of police officers.

"Last year 16 cities broke records for homicides, all of them run by Democrats," Barrasso wrote. "That includes major urban areas like Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia. Democrats have been calling to 'defund the police,' and the results are exactly as predicted. Democrats continue to demonize police officers. This stokes a hostility that has led to record-high retirements as well as record-high killings of police officers in the past 12 months. It’s time the White House started backing the blue. Republicans are committed to safe communities, and we’ll have our police officers’ backs, as they have ours."

Barrasso has constantly criticized the Biden Administration and many of the issues that he, and many others, believe are not being addressed. This article from Fox News is just the Wyoming Senator's latest move to let President Biden know that Republicans are not impressed with the job he is doing in office.

"The issues facing our country require immediate action," he wrote. "The American people are asking for solutions. Republicans in Congress are offering them. There are elections this November, and the American people will make their voice heard."

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