After a tumultuous House election that saw name-calling, shoving, and countless holdouts, Kevin McCarthy is officially the new Speaker of the House, taking over for former speaker Nancy Pelosi after she stepped down following the attack on her husband in October.

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But the election process wasn't without its controversies, nor its drama.

"McCarthy endured a grueling weeklong fight to get here, a speaker's election like no other since the eve of the Civil War." the Associated Press wrote. "A coalition of 20 holdouts refused to support his speakership unless he yielded to their demands to give away some power. He was forced to roll through 14 ballots before he finally won a majority vote on the 15th vote, but not before the final chaotic scene of shouting between allies and holdouts pushed balloting into early Saturday."

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Eventually, though, the fog cleared and McCarthy emerged as the new House Speaker.

And it wouldn't take long until Congresswoman Liz Cheney offered up at least a passing comment about McCarthy's ascension.

On January 6, Cheney tweeted in remembrance of the Capitol attack that occurred two years prior.

Later in the day, Cheney shared an article from Bloomberg and accused Speaker McCarthy of weakening the US' defense for his own gain.  

On Saturday, Cheney didn't say anything; she let former president Trump's words to the speaking for her.

Cheney shared a video of McCarthy thanking President Trump.

“I do want to especially thank Pres Trump," McCarthy said after being elected. "I don’t think anyone should doubt his influence. He was with me from the beginning. He was all in. What he’s really saying for the party and the country is we have to come together.”

With the video, Cheney shared a quote from President Trump, speaking to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General.

"Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressman," Trump said.

Cheney's point, presumably, is that McCarthy was one of the 'Republican congressmen," to whom Trump was referring. What the implications of that relationship may be will remain to be seen.

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