Downtown Laramie did quite a lot in 2021! They recently posted their achievements on their website, going through all the amazing things that they have done to help the community and bring everyone together!

The achievements are as follows:

  • Cowboy Cash - they were able to hand out free cowboy cash gift certificates and farmers market tokens to the University of Wyoming community! Students, Faculty, and Staff made their way down to the farmers market this summer to pick up their free-spending money, with $13,700 was spent at downtown businesses by the end of September
  • Revive the WYO - They were also able to begin fundraising WYO Theater, located at 309 S 5th St. You can learn more and donate here:
  • Design Standards for Downtown - Earlier this spring the Design Committee worked with the City of Laramie to pass some design standards for downtown, ensuring that downtown gets used to its fullest. New design standards state that new construction must fill 80% of the lot, new buildings have a 30-foot minimum height, and removing parking requirements for new construction.
  • Flowers for Downtown - They were able to purchase 45+ flower pots to brighten our sidewalks this summer, with Wind Mill Hill Greenhouse curatating the flowers.
  • Farmers Market - The annual summer farmers market was back this summer bigger and better than ever, with it making  Eat This, Not That’s best farmers market in Wyoming. There were about 50 vendors present from local businesses, non-profits, and regional growers and makers.
  • Laramie’s First Parklet! - this year brought about Laramie’s first parklet - a creative use of a parking spot to make a multi use park for people! Designed and crafted by Kayla Clark - the parklet was located at Ivinson and second street and provided comfy hammock seating along with table seating and shade from the summer sun. It will return during the summer of 2022!

Great strides were made by Downtown Laramie! Let the New Year bring even more achievements!

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