The Albany County School District No.1 Board of Education approved personnel appointments during their regular board meeting Wednesday, April 10.

The appointments the board moved to approve included three Laramie High School assistant principal positions. Superintendent Jubal Yennie stated earlier this year the number of assistant principals to be appointed to the high school was still being discussed and the board was not sure whether two or three would be appointed.

Jeremy Qualls was appointed to the position of assistant principal for the high school, as well as athletic director. Qualls will be replacing Chuck Kern, who was recently named Laramie High School principal after Stacy Bush announced her resignation earlier this year.

Tonya Wall will be replacing Sharon Tietema as the second LHS assistant principal. Former ACSD No. 1 director of transportation Jeff Lewis will replace Stacie Anfinson as the third assistant principal at the high school. Anfinson was appointed to succeed Rob Bainer as assistant principal at the Laramie Middle School.

The appointments were approved unanimously and without discussion by the board.

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